On a busy day

Grab a cool briefcase for a hectic day. Designed for style and absolute functional aspects, our briefcases can help you organize your busy days in more ways than one.

  Whizz… around town

There might come a day when you wake up feeling like you want to go to work! Perfect for fun days at work, this collection offers stylish looks with a whole lot of usefulness still attached.









Under the sun

 For days of traveling, activities in the evening, or hours at the gym, backpacks/knapsacks are perfect for you. Either swing it over a shoulder, or the full back load, it’s totally your choice.



Uptown chic  

Boost that self-confidence of yours and initiate your own fashion sense. No more endless vogue chase. Personalize your style and pick out a handbag that’s the most ‘You.’







Less for best    

‘Simple’ doesn’t have to mean dull. The key is how to add spark and timelessness to simplicity. It might seem a bit far-fetched, but it’s already happening right here.






Hold me now

Go ahead and express yourself with these fine products from head to toe! Not just with your favorite handbag or purse, your belt, or shoes ... but show them all off with those mini coin bags, cheque book holders, or mobile phone cases as well.







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